28 August 2007

Swimming Classes for Pampered Pooches

A while ago, I posted a video about a dog spa in California raising the bar in dog pampering. Now, New York is showing its own sign of pampering. According to this article, there's a place that offers swimming lessons for those dogs who are less prone to be nautical than say, a lab. I suppose a person can look at that and remark that it's silly. But actually, I find it to be an idea of good taste. The lessons seem to cost about $15 dollars, and the instructors, according to the article, are very caring with each dog they instruct. Not to mention all the benefits that come from the exercise. So at this point, I say "why not?" If dogs are getting facials, and horoscopes, why not spend a little money to pamper them in a way that will make them both happy and healthy?