06 August 2007

Pet Luxury Hotel

So there are those of us who spoil our dogs rotten. My golden's a brat, and knows how to get what she wants from me. But the idea comes along every so often that we have to be seperated, and she has to be left in a kennel. Well, it seems one establishment is looking to change all that, Wag Hotels.

That's right, folks, a hotel that caters and pampers your dogs and cats. Until I found out about this hotel, I didn't even know that a dog could get a facial (though every so often I see one that could use it). There are locations in San Francisco and Sacramento, California for now with some intentions of spanning throughout the state. If it keeps up, don't be too surprised to see them start popping up around here.

I'm a bit jealous though. For those rates, you can't even get half that stuff at a human hotel. I think I need to reconsider things for my next life...